Creating eye-catching content for your brand is more important than it's ever been before. These days future clients are just as likely to search your instagram as they are your website.  Websites are the bones of your company, however your instagram tells your every day story. It's important that it's a story that will captivate, drawing people in and hoping that they can become a part of it.  With an eye for design, the need to create and a loud voice, Annie will get your story told. 

She thrives on staying authentic. Doing so, she is able to paint your narrative, whether personal or for your business, true to you. Using color, composition and detail, she will curate your online presence to tell your original story.

Hiring a professional photographer isn't just about quality photos, it's about the quality that is associated with you and your brand. More than ever in the swipe culture, you have seconds (or the first block of 9 photos) to make your first impression.  This can determine a follow, which will determine a future client.
Most photographers are there to capture the moments. However Annie's background and experience in Art, painting and styling will not just capture moments but also create them. We style photos before shooting them.  Each photo is it's own work of art standing on its own, not just in composition and in color, but also as an advertisement for your brand.

Austin Texas Product photographer and social media management

Annie McArdle:



Creative Powerhouse; Photographer; lover of dancing, spicy salsas, made-for-tv holiday movies & camping.

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Annie McArdle

instagram: annieeveryday
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